Bellbowrie Swimming Club Calendar 2019-2020

Date Day  Wk BBQ Roster   Information  Events
17.11.19  Sun     No GRAND OPENING OF NEW 50m POOL - Club BBQ and new family information 11am - 2pm  At Bellbowrie Pool
22.11.19  Fri   1 Yes  Swim Season Opens and Club Captains' Nominations Open
15m Your Choice. 
Free. Fly.  Br'stroke.  Back.  Free swim. 
29.11.19 Fri 2 Yes  Club Captains' Nominations Close  15m Your Choice. Fly.  15m Arms Out* Br'stroke.   Back. Free. 
06.12.19  Fri  3 Yes  Club Captains Announced  Relay Starts.**  Br'stroke 15m Your Choice.  Back. Free.  Fly. 
13.12.19  Fri  4  Yes  Finish Term 1 with a dip in the pool  15m Your Choice.  Back.  15m Arms Out.  Free. Fly.   Br'stroke. 
TBC TBC    Special BBQ Bellbowrie Community Christmas Party. Fun for the whole family, food and drinks stalls, entertainment Swim Club runs a BBQ.
31.01.20 Fri  5 Yes   100m Your Choice.   15m Your Choice.  Free.  Fly. Br'stroke.  Back. 
07.02.20 Fri  Yes  Towel Presentation 1 - for points to week 5.   15m Your Choice.  Fly.  15m Arms Out.  Br'stroke.  Back.  Free. 
14.02.20 Fri  Yes    Relay Starts.  15m Your Choice. Br'stroke. Back.  Free.  Fly. 
21.02.20 Fri Yes  Club Championships event nominations open 15m Your Choice.  Back.  15m Arms Out.  Free.  Fly.  Br'stroke. 
28.02.20 Fri  9 Yes   15m Your Choice Free Fly. Br'stroke. Back. Free swim + 100m Your Choice
06.03.20 Fri 10  Yes Towel Presentation 2 - for points to week 9.                 15m Your Choice.    Fly 15m Arms Out. Br'stroke. Back. Free.
13.03.20  Fri 11  Yes  Club Championships event nominations close Relay Starts  15m Your Choice  Free  Fly Br'stroke   Back
20.03.20 Fri 12 Yes   15m Your Choice. Back. 15m Arms Out. Free. Fly. Br'stroke.
22.03.20 Sun 13 Yes Club Championship Day 10am warm up with 11am start All Strokes Club Relay Parents' Race BYO Marquees Sign up for 30 mins on BBQ
27.03.20 Fri 14 Yes   15m Your Choice Br'stroke. 15m Arms Out Back.  Free. Fly.
03.04.20 Fri 15 Yes

Swim Season Ends with Presentations & Pizza Night

Towel Presentation 3 - for points to week 14 (CC DAY not counted)

6.00pm Pizza  free for members   6.30 trophy presentations      

 Arms Out: Swimming with arms out of water (if possible). Let's encourage our young swimmers to try freestyle, backstroke or even butterfly. Senior swimmers will be in the water with 15m swimmers until such time as the younger swimmers no longer need them to assist.  Butterfly could be practiced by swimmers who can swim 25m in other strokes but are not quite up to doing 25m butterfly.

Relay Starts: All swimmers welcome to participate in this learning activity.  Swimmers start on the blocks (or next to the blocks) and swim out to the 10m line and then the next swimmer goes until all swimmers have had a turn.  If time permits multiple relay starts off the blocks can be practiced.  Event is not timed.

Towel Presentations: At several times throughout the season, special Bellbowrie Swim Club Towels (with winner's names embroidered) are presented to the boy and girl with the most points.  Swimmers earn points (from 1-8) for each swim.  Swimmers who have swum with the Club in the previous season start accumulating "Towel Points" once they are within 5 seconds of their PB for each stroke at the end of the previous season.  New Club swimmers start accruing "Towel Points" from their first swim as a registered member.  Points for end of season Club awards start accumulating from every swimmer's first swim as a registered member.

District Swimmers Reward Night: As at the time of preparing this Calendar the MetWest Districts Regional swimming carnival dates were not confirmed.  Whatever date this competition eventually lands on our Club recognises the commitment to swimming of all Bellbowrie Bullsharks who represent their schools at District swimming events in 2019.  So that these swimmers do not miss out on accumulating points towards end of season Club awards, they will be allocated an average of their times swum at Bellbowrie Swim Club, to the events that they would normally compete in at Club, on the Friday of the Districts carnival week. If these swimmers decide to swim at Club in the Districts carnival week their points will be allocated on the better of their Club average and the times actually swum on the Friday in Districts carnival week.  Go Bullsharks!!