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Bellbowrie Friday Night Swimming       Bellbowrie Bullsharks - Just Add Water!

Friday night swimming is run by volunteer parents.  Parents are asked to help with the running of the evening and a BBQ Roster for families (one family to cook and one family to take the money - the rest is self serve) will be set up on a lottery basis once registrations are finalised.

On Friday nights the Swim Club conducts events in all four strokes over 25m and 50m as well as some longer distance events (according to age &/or ability).  There are 15m races each week for our Shark Pups.  We have dive-in movie nights and fun water safety activities. We want our swimmers to enjoy the Queensland summer Friday nights with their friends.  See our Club Calendar for details.


Membership costs for the 2019/2020 season (6 months: November - April) are:

If your child is 8 years or under, membership is $181.60 for eldest child**, otherwise $131.60*  (The Junior Dolphin 7&Under membership is no longer offered through Swimming Queensland)

If your child is a 9 years or older recreational swimmer their membership is $195.22 for eldest child**, otherwise $145.22*

If your child is a 9 years or older competitive swimmer (ie competing in Swimming Qld meets) their membership is $208.86 for eldest child**, otherwise $158.86*

We also offer $100 memberships for swimmers of all ages who do not wish to participate in Friday Evening Swim Club but require Club membership to compete in Swimming Queensland/Brisbane Swimming Association events.

*There are further club discounts available for families with more than two children swimming. 

Each membership (except $100 membership) includes a FREE swimming cap and log book

**A seasonal family contribution of $50 in lieu of fundraising is allocated to the fees of the eldest swimmer in the family.  If swimmers join in January the family contribution is $20.

Membership covers all insurances, Brisbane Region, Swimming Qld and Swimming Aus compulsory fees, pool entry, trophies, fun nights, presentation evening food etc.   All registrations are paid online through the Swimming Queensland website. Please note that Swimming Qld (not the Bellbowrie Swimming Club) also charges a transaction fee per child.   Club swimmers are sent an email re-registration form and new members can register at a Sign On Evening or with a committee member at the pool at a Friday Swim Night.

For greater detail of what is covered by the membership fees please see Membership Information - Club Nights


Please ensure that all swimmers are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult each week.

How do I work out my personal best time?

For our new swimmers, their first swim in each stroke will become their very first PB. For swimmers who swam with the Club last season their PB runs over from the previous year.  Swimmers earn points (from 1-8) for each swim.  These points and times are recorded each week.  At several times throughout the season, Bellbowrie Bullsharks Towels (with winners’ names embroidered) are presented to the boy and girl who have amassed the most points.

At the end of the season, trophies are awarded to the Club members who have met the minimum points total for participation throughout the season. We also recognise Club Champion and speciality trophies.   Every swimmer has the same opportunity to win these awards, especially if they swim all events on offer to the best of their ability every week.   Please see our Club Window at the Bellbowrie Pool for more information about the perpetual trophies.


Nominations for the Friday events are to be recorded by 6.25pm at the Recorders Desk.  Swimmers highlight their names on the pre-printed sheets set out on the Recorder's Desk or handwrites their name on the bottom of the list.  If your swimmer forgets to nominate please don't panic just see our Marshaller when they have a minute and they will put the swimmer's on the sheet.

What happens on Friday Night?

Please arrive no later than 6:15pm.   At 6.30pm swimmers and parents are asked to marshal at the grandstand where they will be addressed by our President and/or Club/Vice Captains.

Events are announced over the loud-speaker during the course of the evening.  The order of events is listed on our Club Calendar, at the Sign On Table and the BBQ Table.

Swimmers should report to the marshalling area as soon as their event is announced.  They will then be seeded in a race, according to their PB so that they swim with other children of similar speed.  Once they have been allocated a lane number the swimmers will be taken to the pool to line up behind their assigned blocks.

The Starter will ask the swimmers to mount the block (or the edge of the pool).  They will be told to take their marks assume a starting position.  A beeper gun will signal the start of the swim.

At the end of the swim, swimmers must wait for the Chief Timekeeper to blow the whistle (once) before they exit the pool from nearest side.  The time-keeper from their lane will give them a sticker with their race details to put in their log book.  The time-keepers also record the race details on a timing sheet for entry into the club database later that week. The Chief Timekeeper will then do a double blow of the whistle to indicate to the Starter that the swimmers are clear of the pool and the next race can commence.

The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter where a swimmer places in the event - just have fun and the rest will follow. Awards are given for improvement in 'personal best' times.  A log book is provided to each paid-up member as part of their membership and swimmers are encouraged to keep an eye on their own personal best times, if that is important to them..  Additional log books are available from the Merchandise Table for $3.00.

 What to bring to Club:

Swimwear needs to be well fitted and non-constricting.   A silicone club cap is provided to each paid-up member as part of their membership and should be worn on at Friday Night Swimming if possible.  Additional caps are available from the Merchandise Table for $10.00.  Our Club swimwear is not compulsory but it certainly helps the swimmer to feel part of the Club. Female swimwear is $65.00 and male swimwear is $55.00 (See Club Clothing below)

Most swimmers prefer to wear goggles.  There are plenty of great ‘junior profile’ goggles on the market.  The Bellbowrie Pool shop stocks a good variety.

It’s a good idea to bring two towels. 

A supply of dry clothes to wear at the conclusion of swimming is recommended.  Our Club shirts are extremely striking, and give the swimmers a great sense of Club pride.  $35 each.

Chairs/blankets for swimmers and supporters.

15m, 25m, 50m or 100m?

15m: For beginner swimmers or swimmers tackling a harder stroke, like butterfly, who don't think they can swim 25m

25m: The more confident swimmer.  Swimmers do not need to start off the blocks in the 25m events but are welcome to try providing they follow the Starters instructions.  During the season many children gain confidence watching other young swimmers do a diving start.

Graduation to 50m Criteria:

The 25m times to graduate to 50m are:

Freestyle: If you can swim 25m in 23.00 seconds you might consider moving up to 50m

Backstroke/Breaststroke: If you can swim 25m in 28.00 seconds you might consider moving up to 50m

Butterfly: If you can swim 25m in 26.00 seconds you might consider moving up to 50m

Club Championships:

The Club Championships Day is held at the end of the season. This is the only time at Club, that swimmers will be competing against other club members in their own age group (year born).  This is the day that swimmers may attempt to break our Club Championship records.  Club awards are presented at a Club Break-up and Presentation Night.

Medals are presented to the fastest three boys and girls in each age group, for each stroke.  The events may be run in heats but a 'finals' event is not held - the medals are awarded on times over all heats.

Please Note:  To qualify to swim at the Club Championships, a swimmer must have a current registration, have nominated and paid their entry fees and have swum at least five Club nights or two Club nights if the swimmer joined the Club after Christmas that year.

Squad Training:

The Bellbowrie Swimming Pool coaching team offers swimming lessons, Junior, Intermediate, Competitive, Masters and Fitness squads.  Please contact the Bellbowrie Pool on 3403 8888 (or via FaceBook - Bellbowrie Swimming Pool.)  Other swimming coaches operate in the Brisbane area and our Club welcomes members from all swim schools.

Rewarding Effort - individually Named Green Towels:

Bellbowrie Swimming Club encourages and rewards swimmers of all abilities.  Yes, we have some Regional, State and sometimes even National level swimmers, and they deserve all the accolades (you should see how hard they have to train), but our PB (personal bes) reward system ensures that the emphasis is on individual effort.  Quite often, the Club Champions and tri-season green towel winners are swimmers who have just done lots of great swims.

Club Clothing and Swimwear:

Girls ($65.00) and Boys ($55.00)  togs especially designed for us from TOGZ Australia, are chlorine resistant and Australian made and should last a couple of seasons. Please see the Merchandise Table for sizing.

Bellbowrie Club Shirts - $35.00 each – quick dry and collared for best sun protection.  Stand out in the swim crowd.  Please see the Merchandise table for sizing. 

Club swim caps are silicone and a must for long haired swimmers - $10.00ea

Log Books - $3.00ea